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Fart Machine


Through the miracle of modern electronics we present to you the electronic remote control fart machine. Equipped with an arsenal of 15 hilarious farts, the unit can be stashed in any strategic location or hidden covertly in the coat pocket of your unsuspecting mark. The remote handheld triggering unit will activate the actual farting unit at a distance up to 100 feet away and will even work through walls. This improved model also features "Boom Box Technology", which is somewhat of a must in state of the art fart machines. Requires a 9 volt battery, not included. This baby will be pumping the bass with every flatulent blast.


Remote Controlled

"Secret Farter"


Just hide the box near your intended victim and activate it from up to 15 metres distance with your remote control button. Not only will they be embarrassed, they won't even know who is responsible. Great fun at home or the office. - 3 different realistic fart noises. - Uses 4 x AA batteries.



Time Delayed


Whoopee Cushion


Ever want to trick someone into sitting on a whoopee cushion but are afraid they will notice it before they sit down? Well, worry no more because this whoopee cushion will be completely undetected by your friends...until it goes off, that is. This special electronic whoopee cushion is time delayed - just set it for 20, 80, or 120 seconds, plant it in an unsuspecting place, and listen as 5 different fart sounds rip away .  This Time Delayed Whoopee Cushion is a state of the art, high tech addition to the always classic inflatable rubber Whoopee Cushion. Armed with this device, you can embarrass the victim of your choice whenever the mood strikes you.  Use it anywhere ... at parties, office, school, corporate meetings, movies, restaurants, library, elevators, home, hotel lobbies, in a baby's diaper, in the Thanksgiving Turkey - or any other place you may have the nerve to use it!







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